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When the zipper area of your jeans folds up right where your penis is and creates a small 'boner'. Aptly called 'asian boner syndrome' because asian males have notoriously small dicks.
hey guy, you better check your pants. you appear to have a raging case of asian boner syndrome.
by flomause May 15, 2011

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Related to the word 'Copious,' but instead of referring to whatever object that follows, this word is always referring to bitches, hoes, or anyone of the female gender.
Guy 1: Man, there were so many bitches at that party last night.
Guy 2: I know, there was a hoepious amount of females.
by flomause October 02, 2011

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the act of turning from a normal human being, to a raver, then a juggalo. rapidly spreading disease.
person one: whoa, what happened to grace?

person two: she's dating a juggalo, she lowered her status as a human being. she has now been reduced to hanging out in mall food courts.

person one: wow. what a blatent display of de-evolution.
by flomause October 21, 2010

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A Jew's wet dream.
good Christian child: oh, boy! I got an Xbox 360, kinect AND a playstation 3 for Christmas! how was Hanukkah Ben?

that one Jewish friend that never pays you back: I got a nice pair of wool docks... and a sweater...

good Christian child: You should convert to our commercialized Christianity.
by flomause December 24, 2010

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jersey shore girl named snooki. not necessarily snookie however, a guidette can also just be an italian american bitch who is too lazy to find a single guy, so she goes for taken guido
look at that guidette trying to take creig. snookies gonna shave her head.
by flomause June 18, 2010

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