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The coolest robot in the world, featured in three classic movies, Robocop 1, 2, and 3. He looks really stupid and is a robot that fights crime. Feels no pain or no emotion. After a long day of work, likes to stare at pictures of the chick robot in Bicentenial Man and jack off.
Robocop is my hero.
by Flipper November 29, 2003

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1. Command to imbibe. Usually given to the most sober of the group for the purpose of shutting him/her up or seeing if you can make them say something really f'd up.

2. Noun- Also spelled Drink?!? Short for chick drink. Extremely expenive drink or one that is pink in coloration.
1. Shut up and Drink!

2. $11.50 for a Drink! OR
Mike is that your Drink?!?
by flipper November 05, 2003

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While performing sex in the doggy style position,you cram a finger up her rectum then smear her upper lip with it
by Flipper August 30, 2003

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giant cock smoker
this BiZ bitch is good
by flipper April 07, 2003

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Turtle Chalupa. Now a rarity due to animals rights snobs who don't know the delicacy that is turtle meat wrapped in a deep fried flour tortilla.
I'm bout to bust a cap in the next PETA bastard I see for making chortles so hard to get.
by flipper November 05, 2003

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Hard rock music that began in the early 1980's and lost much popularity during the 90's, due to Kurt Kobain and the grunge movement. Hair metal bands are reconisable by their big hair and flashy clothing. They mostly wrote songs about partying, women, and their whole lifestyle.
Popular Hair metal bands: Motley Crue, Poison, Ratt, Cinderella, Warrant
by Flipper March 25, 2005

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