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Mid eighties to mid nineties british youth cult. Recognisable by bad haircuts, ratty scooters such as Lambretta or Vespa and a love for obscure and rare soul, ska, punk andpsychobilly. Often found in pubs in run down seaside reorts.

Not a mod
Oh look theres another pissed scooterboy
by FB November 26, 2003

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Black Man's Kryptonite ... the ass of a girl who renders the game of even the most skilled playas useless.
The guys at the bar couldn't keep their eyes off her BMK.
by FB February 21, 2005

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a level of superhero like sexyness
Shannon's hotivity tonight has all my blood rushing to my ... when ever she gets close
by FB February 16, 2005

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(see hot finish)this is similar but must be done outside on a cold day/night. your turd will then steam
i was out in the park and i gave this sexy little fguy a steamy finish
by fb December 31, 2004

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while you're fucking a hot guy or girl.... the putting of the entire male genital package into the orifice in question. More of a challenge for gays because of the unique expansive powers of the cunt. Named bacause of its near impossibility.
After the football game last night elephant cocked andrew soaped the dog with tight little james while the rest of the guys banged each other and themselves off.
by fb December 31, 2004

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Inferior sport to rugby league. Aparently points are scored by goal kickers (one to a team of fifteen). Imagines that one day it will be bigger than soccer.
Generally played by those educated at Public (ie private) schools.

Much over rated by the british media.Most of whom went to said schools.
Hey fat boy, why don't you go and play rugby union?
by FB November 26, 2003

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A true game of two halves: rugby league - the game played in heaven (why do you think Jesus had 12 disciples) by supremely fit and hard men and rugby union played by fat blokees and a kicker. Aparently England are good at this because they have a player who can hoof the ball over from 50 yards, and an ex rugby league player that can score tries.
Amazing, I've survived a game of rugby with only two injuries.
by FB November 26, 2003

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