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In Croatian forums it means Boli Me Kurac (freely translated: I don't give a fuck).

by Miško September 13, 2006
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Black Man's Kryptonite ... the ass of a girl who renders the game of even the most skilled playas useless.
The guys at the bar couldn't keep their eyes off her BMK.
by FB February 21, 2005
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Black Man's Kryptonite

Used to describe a woman of Caucasian decent (a white woman) that is fairly nice looking.
1st example

1st guy: Damn! She look hella good.

2nd guy: I know! Damn, that bitch is BMK! Black Man's Kryptonite! I gotta hit that!

1st guy: Yep, I would tap that ass! I'm gettin' weak right now!

2nd example

1st girl: Gurl look at that bitch!

2nd girl: Yeah, there goes another brotha. Lost to that BMK.

1st girl: Yep, ole funky ass white bitch!
by Crump408 February 17, 2011
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