18 definitions by f. rodderick hsu

n. hot Korean girl who looks like I'd like to f*ck her.
I rolled up to the Hodori at about 2:15 and, to my pleasant surprise, it was crawling with yeppoon yojas.
by f. rodderick hsu May 1, 2005
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n. 1. a person whose primary function in life is performing oral sex on women. 2. a member of a particlarly rude D.C. ska band known for encouraging prostitution and drunk driving.
1. That smile on Rindy's face is courtesy of Skeevo, every girl's favorite pie taster. 2. What the hell ever became of the Pietasters?
by f. rodderick hsu May 5, 2005
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n. Someone who performs oral sex on a woman while she is menstrating.
Jana - Dude, Sicko! Rindy told me what you tried to do last night!
Skeevo - What?!?
Jana - Let's just say I'll be calling you Dracul from now on...
by f. rodderick hsu May 18, 2005
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n. abbr for "Pastor's Wife." Usually of two variations: 1)manipulative and phoney or 2)obviously believes she married the wrong guy.
1) Auntie Linda is a classic P.W., always working the church politics; 2) but Pastor Jim's wife Jana just ain't into religion and I think she might be sleeping with the worship leader.
by f. rodderick hsu May 18, 2005
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n. A genetic hybrid combining the DNA of Pacific Lobster and Tiger Shrimp resulting in what can be described as a small lobster or a very large shrimp. Usually served (in limited quantities) at all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants.
I ate a bunch of those roid monsters last night, but they always look better than they taste.
by f. rodderick hsu May 28, 2005
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It seems Jan was the IP in the Brady's therapy sessions, although at some points Peter took over that role.
by f. rodderick hsu May 4, 2005
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n. psychobabble for a person's ability to tell himself apart from those around him. "rigid boundaries" indicate an inability to form close relationships. "no boundaries" indicates a spineless, mindless, asskissing lemming.
Skeevo's got good boundaries; he ain't willing to co-sign for his girlfriend's car loan.
by f. rodderick hsu May 5, 2005
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