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Goulais River

1-An area slightly North of civilization.
2-A word often used in insult
3-A short-form for Armpit Of Ontario
4-A popular destination for bears
5-Where cars and trucks go to die
1-Person 1:"Hey!, let's go to Goulais River!!"

Person 2: "Where the heck is that??"

2-"You inbred!! you act like you're from Goulais River!"

"You bought a house in Detroit? you're so Goulais!!"

3-"LOL, You live in Goulais??"

4- Bear 1: "Let's go to Goulais and eat some garbage"

Bear 2: "Where the heck is Goulais?"

Bear 3: "You're kidding me right?"

5- "Hey, let's fix up this perfectly good car so it looks cool and goes fast".............time goes by................."oops, I guess it's Goulais Rivered now!!"
by f!$h!e February 5, 2010
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The Safety Message Aired on BBC TV for years....by A robot.
Stop Look Listen!
always use the Green Cross Code
I know right?! who cares!
WHOAAA! you almost got totally owned by that Mac....Remember little girl. STOP LOOK LISTEN!!
every time you cross the road......always use the GREEN CROSS CODE!!
(Also, don't talk to strangers)
by f!$h!e February 5, 2010
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1 An often clumsy, brain-dead, half-retarded, dogs-ass-useless, painfully annoying person who can't seem to accomplish even the simplest of tasks.

2 A word used in place of "mess around with"
1 "God damnit bitch, I said turn LEFT.....you're such a Fuck-Wit!!!"

2 "Don't Fuck Wit it, the picture is fine!"
by f!$h!e January 1, 2009
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I-Candy is Internet based 'Eye-Candy', consisting of hot chicks or hot guys
(Not to be confused with I-Carly)
"Hey clifford, you got a date for tonight?"
Clifford: "Errrrr, I'm not going out, I'm staying home with my computer, and looking at some I-Candy"
by f!$h!e February 5, 2010
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A racial slur towards white people
A baked tasteless biscuit
A Christmas table novelty
A good pun or joke
A dry raspy fart
Mr Black:"Yo-Yo Cracker"
Mr White:"I-Hear-ya-mah-Niggerrr"
Mr Black: "Boy! I hope you meant "NIGGA""
Mr White: "Then I hope you meant "CRACKA""

"Pass the crackers.....and something to give them some taste"

"Time to pull the crackers apart for the crappy joke and plastic parachute guy!!"

"That Black joke sure was a Cracker.....Geddit!"

"Bruce, did you just rip a cracker???"
by f!$h!e February 5, 2010
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Used by many in Ghetto or rap or hip-hop lingo......thought nobody seems to know who said fellow actually is!
"Go with the Fe-llow"
"Don't mess with my Fe'llow"
"Check the Fe'llow"
"Fellow me now!"
by f!$h!e February 3, 2010
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Often used accidentally in place of "sweetheart" whilst communicating with ones wife....usually whilst also being distracting by something important (such as T.V.)
MOVE CUNT-FUCK, I can't see the fucking movie
by f!$h!e January 1, 2009
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