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What morticians do late at night with helpless morgue stock

Not to be confused with Skullcandy
Don't be such a stiff, loosen up a little, I wanna Skullfuck you
by F!$h!e February 04, 2010

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The act of placing your name on Urban Dictionary and proceeding to tell the world what you think of your self.

See Urbanity
Editor 1:"What the heck's with all these stupid names??"
Editor 2:"Welcome to UrbanVanity my friend"
Editor 3:"Can you really buy 'UrbanVanity mugs and tee-shirts?"
by F!$h!e February 04, 2010

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Often used accidentally in place of "sweetheart" whilst communicating with ones wife....usually whilst also being distracting by something important (such as T.V.)
MOVE CUNT-FUCK, I can't see the fucking movie
by F!$h!e December 31, 2008

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The Safety Message Aired on BBC TV for years....by A robot.
Stop Look Listen!
always use the Green Cross Code
I know right?! who cares!
WHOAAA! you almost got totally owned by that Mac....Remember little girl. STOP LOOK LISTEN!!
every time you cross the road......always use the GREEN CROSS CODE!!
(Also, don't talk to strangers)
by F!$h!e February 04, 2010

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A Meaning or suggestion given to a word, but only found in the Urban Dictionary.
Charles:"By Joves, for the the life of me, dear, I do not seem to be able to find "Fo'Shizzle" in my Mini-Oxford"

Susan:"That's because it's an Urbanity, Charlie dear....you are surely the whitest man I know"
by F!$h!e February 04, 2010

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When your name and associated slander got by the editors on Urban Dictionary

When a perfectly defined word gets re-defined by free-speech and takes on a whole new meaning

When a meaningless word or abbreviation is invented and given meaning
"OMG! John Smith and Jane Doe got totally Urbanated!!"

"A corn broom is an anal probe??????"

"Dude, that movie was completely off the HB^t674&%8rbvtr!!"
by F!$h!e February 04, 2010

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A humourous name for a homosexual man...The name suggests that whilst he's pounding his man-pillows, he's actually in there stealing the Cosby kids.
Other funny words to use are:
Back-door delivery
"Hey Seth, how come those bites are on the back of your neck?"
Seth: "Errrrrr...My.....girlfriend....er"
"SETH! don't bullshit me you fat faggot odd looking bastard......you are a Turd Burglar, and i've known it for years"
Seth: "Please don't tell my dad"
"You make me sick, you think he doesn't know you like to drive the wrong way on Hershey Highway???"
Seth: "I wish I was dead"
"Everyone does you sick fuck"
by f!$h!e February 03, 2010

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