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A type of bra worn by girls that is incredibly sexy but ridiculously difficult to remove without assistance. Typically a sports bra or tight black tank top with many confusing straps and clasps.

Usually worn in the beginning of a relationship or to regulate things back to first base later on. Often worn as a tease, or in retaliation for chastity boxers.
Guy 1: Did you see her boobies?
Guy 2: Nah, she was wearing a chastity bra.
Guy 1: Oh. So what did you do?
Guy 2: Kissed her forehead.
Guy 1: Cool, bro.

Guy: How the fuck do you remove this?
Girl: *cute innocent smile*
Guy: God damnit.
by expert_pronunciator February 02, 2010
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A bruise, commonly found on the knee, which is procured during the game of trust. It almost all cases, it is the fault of the trustee, and not the truster.
1) Their first date must have gotten rowdy, as the next day she had a trust bruise.

2) "Did you see Sarah last night? She drank one too many pink twinks and ended up with a trust bruise!"
by expert_pronunciator January 25, 2010
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A disgusting burp of pesto, that permeates the entire room. Often leads to immediate sexual mood killing and evacuation. Even worse if done whilst kissing.
Girl: *pesto burp*
Guy: Deal-breaker.
by expert_pronunciator February 02, 2010
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A childish threat used by women, particularly when in environments that would cause embarrassment to the guy they are with. Most often used by girls who were only childs or who think of themselves as princesses.

Although it seems like a hollow threat, can be extremely effective. Often, however, leads to unhealthy relationships as the threat begins being used more and more often and for mundane things. Generally used when a girl thinks she has a lot of hand in a relationship.
Date 2 (appropriate use):
Guy: Hey babe, lets go to second base...
Girl: Stop taking my chastity bra off!
Guy: Come on babe, I want to make you queel.
Girl: I'm gonna yell!

Date 6 (mediocre use):
Girl: I want the last avocado bruschetta.
Guy: Let's split it.
Girl: I'm gonna yell.
Guy: Fine, have it.

Date 12 (inappropriate use):
Guy: I got you this flower babe.
Girl: WTF is this ugly ass daisy. I'm gonna yell.
Guy: No please don't! What do you want!? Anything!
by expert_pronunciator February 02, 2010
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1) To cum.
2) To experience orgasm.
Guy: Did you queel?
Girl: No. Next time try taking my chastity bra off first.
Guy: What if we just trampoline fuck instead.
Girl: Wow you're gross.
Guy: At least I didn't pesto burp.
Girl: I'm gonna yell.
Guy: Deal-breaker.

Guy: I queeled so hard my hands tingled.
Girl: You're late for work.
by expert_pronunciator February 02, 2010
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A codeword used between sexual partners to secretly refer to taking birth control without others knowing what you're talking about.
Guy: Did you remember to feed the fish?
Girl: Yes :)
by expert_pronunciator February 02, 2010
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