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are denim pants made by Italians. When Ameri's put these pants on it gives them a glowy feeling and at first they seem out of place. If one gets enough brownie points after buying many pizzas and eating alot of italian foods they are considered friends of the mafia. It's all in the pants. Some Ameri's never learn and thier pants are taken away which really is a sad thing, because without jeans what must one wear to stay comfy in the winter months. If the Ameri isn't a hunter, then they will be persicuted into an asylum. The italians never care. We just make the pizza to go with the jeans. A true italian never wears jeans with holes in them.
The hobo won't shut up when she has her Jeans on.

Prada Jeans made for the Queen.
by europopian December 14, 2009
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