1.A sub-species of humans that are dumb beyond explanation. They are so stupid that it is hard to believe that they are of the same species. They are ignint.
2.Being stoned or high to the point of stupidity.
3.Another word for a nigger that seperates black people from niggers; niggers are ignint black people are not.
1.Bitch you so ignint there ain't no such thing as Germish people.
2.Holy fuck man I was so ignint I went through a red light that shit was scary.
3.Damn it Jamal, you sellin' that crack to them ignint niggers again you know they goin' get you in some shit again.
by COXXX June 12, 2008
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1)A word that ignorant black people use to accuse somebody else of being ignorant. Talk about irony slapping you in the face.

2) Ignorant white people who idolize, the people described in the definition above.

3) Assuming I understand the human psyche, and the power that ego has over irrational people, anybody who gives this a thumbs down.
Y'all nothin but a bunch ignint ass niggas!!!
by Some guy off the street February 8, 2010
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The way moms sat the word ignorant to try to talk like the children of today.
"Damn boy! You ignint!"
"Mom! You're not cool!"
by erp01 May 16, 2016
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