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The most menial labor available, involving a stick with bristles at one end, and an idiot at the other. See broom.
"He pushed an idiotstick all day for minimum wage."
by endo August 24, 2004
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Basically the male equivalent of the female 'tomboy.' A hetrosexual male who is more intune with his feminine side rather than the masculine side of his personality (not to be confused with metrosexual which is bullshit!) Overtly 'feminine' women can't normally handle this type of male who are usually refered to as 'girly poofs' by homophobic fuck-puppets
John liked dating tomboys as the personality balance was better with him being a mollygirl
by endO December 31, 2004
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another term for "on fire", as in basketball
damn, his shot's wet!
by endo November 04, 2003
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exclamation heard after a shot is made in basketball
by endo November 04, 2003
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