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Engaging in two similar things at once, humorously and/or absurdly, when normally only one is engaged.
1. Having a drink or a gun in each hand
2. Having two girlfriends at the same time.
3. Riding two skateboards at the same time is totally ambigangsterous.
by eleventhtoe October 26, 2011
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If. An unnecessary, improper contraction of "if" and an obsolete mystery word, commonly used in the South.
Danzig lyrics from "Tired of being alive": "Don't care, if'n you die..."
Dylan lyrics from "Don't think twice, it's all right":

"sit and wonder why, babe, if'n you don't know by now"
by eleventhtoe October 25, 2011
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A contraction of the words "must" and "have"
I must've left it some where.
by eleventhtoe October 22, 2011
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The condition of having a sore, useless finger.
One can "contract" fingeritus after going through a few cans of spray paint, or playing something on guitar more than usual.
by eleventhtoe October 31, 2011
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Walking around under heavy influence of alcohol, in a dream-like state resembling sleepwalking. Never remembered, but can be shown to have happened by evidence the following day.
I don't know why my pants are downstairs and the fridge door is still open...must've been drunk walking.
by eleventhtoe October 22, 2011
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A Port-a-Potty, or potable toilet. Insert a friend's name within the brackets for a cheap funny insult.
Hey guys, I got to take a leak. I'm gonna hit that port-a-Justin over there.

The Oktoberfest at Sierra Nevada Brewery must've had at least 80 port-a-name (pronounced "port-a-Brians")!
by eleventhtoe October 22, 2011
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