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Your entire efforts to achieve a goal through an inter-related, and sometimes complex, series of tasks. Usually preceded by the word "whole" as in "the whole shooting match"; alternatively "the whole shootin' match"
When Johnny got caught cheating on his wife - he lost the whole shooting match.
game project enterprise
by ekks September 14, 2010
A small inexpensive and cheaply made doll given as a prize for winning a game at an amusement park or fair or given as a consolation prize. A sarcastic term to denote a figurative prize (not actually given) for either accomplishing or not accomplishing a trivial goal, such as attempting to spell an easy word or guessing the answer to some trivial question.
You guessed my middle name. Give that girl a kewpie doll!
by ekks September 23, 2010
In the legend of the bitter feud between the Hatfields and McCoys, a bloodline offspring of the McCoy's was the real McCoy. A child born from parents consisting of one Hatfield and one McCoy was not a real McCoy.

Therefore anything that is not genuine is not the real McCoy.
This store brand coke is not the real McCoy.
by ekks September 23, 2010
The act of a woman spreading her legs while wearing a short skirt and no panties so you can see her vagina.
I was sitting in class and Amy was shooting beaver at me from across the room.
by ekks September 23, 2010
Verb: The act of a woman spreading her breasts apart, and after sticking your face in between, she lets them go.

Noun: The boing when her tits hit your face is called "bwammie"
Amy's tits went bwammie. It felt so good.
by ekks September 23, 2010
The University of Hartford. The term derives from combining the abbreviation of the schools name, "U Ha" and substituting "Jew" for "U" owning to the fact that there are a large number of Jewish students (mostly from New York) in attendance.
by ekks September 23, 2010
the quality of an item recently manufactured and/or purchased a short while ago and without showing any marks, scratches or other defects.

The terminology derives from the obsolete practice of spanking a newborn human on the back immediately after birth to stimulate breathing.
Yep. Just drove it off the lot and it is brand spanking new.
by ekks September 23, 2010