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"Surrogate significant other" (male or female). Refers to a person in a relationship that is essentially identical to a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, but with no sexual contact and no expectation of such. S.S.O.'s typically spend a very large amount of time together, have little inside secrets and jokes between them, and would seem to any outside observer to be "together".

One may have an S.S.O. to fulfill their some of their non-sexual emotional needs, while leaving them free to have sex with whomever else and however many others they want.

It is not unusual for one of the persons to be married or in a relationship. It is best for an S.S.O. to be attractive, because they are seen together all the time, but they shouldn't be sexually attracted to each other (at least not that much).
"Who's that girl you're always hanging around with? Are you fucking her?" "No, she's my S.S.O."
by ecool September 26, 2009
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(Canadian, noun) Line or queue.
The roller coaster has a long line up, eh?
by ecool July 4, 2009
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A phenomenon in current popular culture of something being cool because it's not cool... because it is... ... because it's not, and so on. This went dormant briefly after September 11th, but soon returned.
"Why is Johnny wearing corduroy cut-offs and white socks? Is that cool?" "Yes, because of the ironic loop." "What if I wore that?" "Then it would totally NOT be cool."
by ecool July 4, 2009
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The ring of older suburbs around a city center that have fallen victim to blight and decay. "Ring" for short. Generally including run-down apartment complexes, empty strip centers, and malls that used to be hip, but are now in disrepair. Crime is normally rampant in the Ring.

The Ring differs from the "hood" or "ghetto" in that these terms usually refer to older, more established neighborhoods, usually closer in, but not necessarily.

In general terms, the Ring is always slowly moving in an outward direction as the center is gentrified and the suburbs age.
"Let's go to Sharpstown Mall." "Dude, no way, that's totally in the Ring." "The what?" "The Ring of Decay dude, what's wrong with you?"
by ecool July 4, 2009
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