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The main character in the most badass PS2 game God Of War, a spartan warrior who kicks an unorthodox amount of ass. Trying to get rid of his terrible dreams and memories of his past as a ruthless leader fighting for Ares, you play as him in his journey to kick ass and kill Ares. Hes so badass he smashes medusas head into the ground then tears it off. He is the most badass video game character, right up next to solid snake.
Kratos caught some kid beating off to a picture of him, so he sliced off his tescicles with the same picture then went and got drunk.
by mahhag May 29, 2005
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The ultimate sex move involving one guy, three chicks, four bottles of tequila, three full body casts, and a lamp.
Dude 1: Man, things got crazy, and I gave her a Kratos...

Dude 2: Jesus...really?!

Dude 1: Yeah, she's gonna be REALLY stiff when she wakes up from the coma...

Dude 2: Sparta would be proud...
by God, bitches. August 05, 2010
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1. Kratos-The main character from God Of War. One fucked up motherfucker. In only two games, excluding God Of War: Chains of Olympus, he has completely butchered Greek mythology. He slaughtered Ares, beheaded Medusa, impaled Perseus, murdered Athena, sent Icarus to Hades (after ripping his wings off), and even destroyed the Sisters of Fate themselves! He found Pandora's box and even changed his own fate! Only mess with this guy if you're aroused by the thought of being butchered into finely sliced pieces of human within the blink of an eye. In league with Chuck Norris.
2. Kratos-To Kratos. To Kratos someone is to hammer the living fuck out of them. Other terms to use in place of Kratos would be: Destroy, Eradicate, Annihilate, Wipe Out Of Existence, or Beat The Living Shit Out Of.
Ignorant Person: Man, Kratos sucks dick, he blows.
Kratos: Ahem?
Ignorant Person: Go suck a cock.
Kratos: (pulls out the Barbarian Hammer) We'll see about that.

Johnny: It was horrible. Chuck Norris just came up and Kratos'd the guy. All that was left was a dismembered pinky and some shit stained briefs.
by Thrasher13 January 04, 2010
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The Main character from the kick-ass game and franchise god of war
he was a spartan soldier then he became an ares hitman kinda then he killed ares and became a god then he fucked aphrodite and then he died? its an enigma
Kratos has premature ejaculation he lasts 10 seconds til he ejaculates in GOW 1 2 and in god of war 3 he lasts like 20 minutes
he still kicks ass
Aphrodite:Kratos Fuck me!
Kratos: Im To Busy To Do That
Aphrodite:We can go ass to mouth
Kratos:Then Yeah!
by Mr.Douche March 29, 2010
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Probably the most badass character in all of video game history. In his first game, God of War, he is sent to dethrone Ares, the god of war, hence the game's title. Along his journey he kicks major ass in epic levels and solves ball-busting puzzles. With the help of Pandora's Box he kicks the shit out of Ares and becomes the new God of War. That is where his second adventure starts from.
Kratos will own your ass.
by justblaze216 November 05, 2007
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The main Character in God of War. Also a mythological character. He was a spartan warrior who when defeated by barbarians pledged his life to the God of War Ares. This granted him power that led to him becoming the avatar for Ares on earth and Kratos is basically a powerhouse until he goes on a killing spree and murders his wife and kids. Kratos realizes this deception and sets out to find Pandora's box to defeat Ares, which results in the most awesome ending of Kratos getting screwed over by the gods of Olympus and then becoming the new God of War.
Kratos is the badass video game character of the year.
by Ghalleon June 10, 2005
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