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Dorset England dialect for small red breasted garden bird

From a glossary of the Dorset dialect
I saw a reddick in the yard and it’s almost winter.

First reddick of spring
by eagle8eye October 23, 2019
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abbreviation of Smell Of Old Man. A musty smell common to elderly otherwise functioning men suspected to be a combination of denture breath, urine, & clothes that haven’t been cleaned lately and a decreased sense of smell with age which lowers self awareness.
When meeting with the professor I’m distracted by the SOOM

His SOOM is worse since his wife died.
by eagle8eye September 05, 2019
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3-way chili + onions AND beans. 4-way is onions OR beans
Nostalgic for Cincinnati Skyline Chili, 3-way chili, 4-way chili or 5-way chili
by eagle8eye October 11, 2013
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exactly like a mix tape only on CD.
a cd of music selected for a friend or oneself.
I wanted to listen to Katy Perry and Metallica at the same time, so I burned myself a mix disk.
by eagle8eye August 08, 2009
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"my tweet about the Terminator movies made it onto "Power and Politics", right underneath the pro Killer Robot guy #Twittervana". - Victoria Ward
by eagle8eye July 18, 2015
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