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The sensation of your rectum filling up with shit that's less than solid. Impending diarrhea.
We drank a lot of booze mixed with prune juice to make it go down easier and an hour later we were startin' to get some serious mud butt.
by E-boy May 01, 2006
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Getting to third base is the most ambiguous stage of high-school heterosexual interaction. The definition really depends on how far the boy goes: is it an intermediate stage followed by going all the way, or is it the final stage of making out? (everything that follows is from the boy's perspective) When I was a kid (mid-70s) it meant groping skin-to-skin instead of through the clothes. Today it's gone farther: "getting to third" implies that you eventually squirted; "I got as far as third" means that you didn't do it inside her (hand job, blow job, dry-hump, just lose it while making out, etc.). If you go all the way, it doesn't really matter when you got to third.
"How far did you go?"
"Third base, dude! She wouldn't drop her panties, but we kept at it until I spooged my boxers."
by e-boy February 18, 2007
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Gastrointestinal cramps that signify the onset of a major shit
Josh ate three green apples and half an hour later he got the doo doo cramps so bad that he messed his overalls.
by e-boy October 05, 2007
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A junior-high or high-school wrestler who frequently craps his singlet during a match.
Dude, that kid's a brown bomber. You're gonna be mud-wrestling him.
by e-boy September 22, 2007
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To murder, rape and pillage/plunder. Used as shorthand in my high-school Great Books class when we were discussing Nietzche.
While Nietzche's heroes were murping all across Europe...
by e-boy September 27, 2007
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a slang word meaning "cool" or "awesome" usually used by idiots
"I am an idiot so I will say cool beans because I am an idiot."
by e-boy November 28, 2003
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