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The most amazing friend anyone could ever ask for, he’s very funny and smart and sometimes knows the right things to say at the right time. He cares about those who are close to him and will do anything to see them smile. Delfigaly is a very wonderful person inside and out and can always put a smile on your face when you’re feeling down :).
by dumpsterslut July 30, 2019
An anagram and phrase of the name "Donald Trump" which can be used to refer to decrepit men in authority figures, especially crooked politicians. The "N'" usually begins a sentence as it is a substitute for the word "and".
N' dat old rump, George Bush, totally did 9/11 and abused his power to cover up his crimes.
by dumpsterslut May 2, 2018
A really stupid person who is most likely intellectually disabled
Ew, he is so #*%&@$ gay, $&*$@# geg.
by dumpsterslut May 2, 2018