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Something funny, approximately equal to 'laugh'. Can also be used to a person who is frequently funny.

Used mostly in Northern Ireland, often alongside the word quare.

Yer man's a quare geg.

That film was a geg.
by Beano (NI) September 14, 2007
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Meaning to rudely interrupt/join in a conversation without being invited. Originates from Liverpool, England.
"Geg out, you geg-in."
"Do I smell geg-fried rice?"
by ChWuM February 15, 2005
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From scouseland;

-Someone who goes to something they weren't actually invited to
- Someone who butts into, or who is listening to a conversation
- Someone who tags along

Can be used as a noun or verb- "gegging in"

"Is it okay if I geg with you at that party tonight?"
"Tony was definately gegging into our connversation before"
"Jess is such a geg"
by shockhorrorbecky April 26, 2008
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A person who joins a conversation, without invitation. Mostly used in Liverpool, England
Stop geggin'in will ya
by Fluffy Dave January 06, 2004
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Gegs is a slang word for glasses
"Nice gegs!"
"Oh thanks, betty."
"Where did you get you gegs from?"
by Mollyissexy July 29, 2006
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Origin: Liverpool, England.

When a person buts into a conversation uninvited or follows a group without being asked they are a "geg". "Geg out!" is often used to tell someone to leave the conversation/group
Geg Out Damien!, Can You Smell Geg?
by Calday March 14, 2007
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For use in a situation where "that's hilarious" will simply not suffice. For example when one wacks ones balls in a toastie machine whilst blacked. GEG.
Wee girl, your a fackin geg.

O mummy look at that duck getting raped by a shark, that's a fuckin geg.

here my flatmate fell down the stairs today and snapped her spine - thats a fucking geg.


also see - anti-geg.

in german - HAFFEN UND GEGGAN.
by blockedhooerbeg January 18, 2011
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