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Unable to be defeated; Invincible.
John: Dude, that's the fifth time in a row you beat me in basketball.

Sam: Yeah, I'm totally unfuckwithable.
by dugsmet October 09, 2010

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a prophylactic; a condom. So named because it is slipped onto the penis.
Will: Dude, last night that chick totally rocked my world.

Roger: You mean Lisa? Man, she's been around. I hope you wore a dick slipper.
by dugsmet October 12, 2010

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Having strong characteristics of cake frosting.
Even though this cake topping is whipped cream, it tastes very frosting-y.
by dugsmet October 08, 2012

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Sorority or preppy type girls that indescribably wear long sleeve sweatshirts with unbelievably short shorts.
That girl knows she's wrorg, 48 degrees out, and she's wearing that long-ass sweatshirt with them short-ass shorts. That's a sweat-shortie fo sho!
by dugsmet October 08, 2012

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