8 definitions by duffy

Surreal; You know if someone says this it means something is going to go wrong
Person 1: I want to be with you for eternity
Person 2: *dies suddenly*
by duffy October 06, 2004
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Proper ugly bint, too ugly to even do the normal way. Uk slang.
Dave was a munter-shunter, his bird was so ugly he had to do her prison-style.
by duffy December 27, 2003
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We have had enough of munters, if you feel the same, join us at NoMoreMunters@groups.msn.com
by duffy December 27, 2003
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Good, great, excellent. Often used in conjunction with 'mate'. Mainly used in Birmingham, by people such as Lisa Dutton.
Birmingham, its bostin mate
by duffy July 21, 2003
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Better if coupled with "Corn-Eyed-Brown-Trout
I layed a massive Corn-Eyed-Brown-Trout into the shitter.
by duffy June 04, 2004
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Perhaps the safest trainers around! Nike trainers - mostly worn by rudeys but not always.
"It's an air force one! Trainers by the truck load, trainers by the tonne!" - Dizzee Rascal - Fix Up Look Sharp, from the album : - Boy In Da Corner
by duffy February 10, 2004
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Some group who try to play music. Also known as "Shirt Lifters"
Shapeshifters's latest song plays
Person 1: *dies*
by duffy October 06, 2004
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