16 definitions by ds

a floating used condom in a bath (either post coital or post jack-off)
i'm not bathing with you untill the rubber ducky is removed from the tub!!!
by ds January 29, 2004
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When your boses tell you that everything is going to be ok... then they leave.
by ds May 18, 2004
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It would be a VERB not a NOUN. (rolls eyes)
"I've been syringered."
As opposed to
"I'm a syringered."
by ds October 30, 2004
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Used when your plans are ruined by family obligations.
"I got screwed into some GFS"
also popular is GGFS (Gay Girl Friend Shit)
by ds June 7, 2004
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A pissed off exclaimation, akin to "drat" but not quite so emphatic as "fuck a duck!" (The appropriate reply from anyone nearby is "Nah, it'd never sell.")
"What ? You forgot the beer ? Well, shit on a stick!"
by ds September 24, 2003
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