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On Discord, a "Ghost Ping" is when someone mentions or direct message someone else, but delete the message before they can read it, leaving them with an empty notification.
Oh hey, i got mentioned!
Nope, just another ghost ping.
by dreggsome August 16, 2021
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A PC with an external case (if desktop) or shell (if laptop) that appears incredibly outdated, but when opened, contains modern parts, and when turned on, runs a modern operating system.
Some guy broke into my house last night, but luckily he never took my PC.
Oh yeah, that's probably because you have a sleeper build.
by dreggsome August 16, 2021
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A Gooberzoid is a goober.
I hate orange gooberzoids
by dreggsome December 3, 2022
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A Dreggsome is a unit of measurement.
A 16 oz can is approximately 0.2 Dreggsomes tall.
by dreggsome August 21, 2022
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someone with a hot sister who babyrages in csgo because he got "pwefiyahd". whatever that means.
is also incapable of pronouncing the letter "r".
"zammn victoria scheinman got me klodmor klobin!"
by dreggsome April 11, 2022
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Doubble Donkey Disc. The best Ozma album.
I love DDD!
by dreggsome December 3, 2022
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