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Do you know that moment when the internet is slow down because of multiple connections or someone is downloading huge files? I had a classmate that always was downloading some files and because of it, our Wi-Fi speed was very slow.
My internet is so slow!!! Calancea please stop downloading.
This network has a Calancea Effect!!!
by dr4605 June 6, 2017
A person that studies/studied Filiera Anglofonă "Computer Science" or Software Engineering at the Technical University of Moldova. And is a member of the FAF Community.
Awaiting to meet new FAFers at FAF Party this year!
by dr4605 September 8, 2020
When the internet connection is too slow, it because there is a guy on the same network who is downloading 3 GB file/movie/package.
Your friend: Damn, the internet is so slow, I can't even open Youtube.
You: Bro, it's Calancea's effect, let's find and beat this guy.
by dr4605 March 26, 2018
A person who participated at more than 5 hackathons and considers them as a hobby.
I participated at 25 hackathons, I am true hackathoner!
by dr4605 December 8, 2018