121 definitions by doug

Dubya is George W. Bush. Aka dumbass, dickslap, shit for brains.
George Dubya is on TV.
by Doug April 12, 2004
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The amount of data that can pass through an interface over time
The maximum bandwidth he could get while downloading an MP3 was 100 kilobytes per second
by Doug October 03, 2003
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Let down, didn't turn up
she dogged me today
by Doug February 10, 2004
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nefarious shenanigans
The fraternity pledges were exposed to all kinds of skullduggery by the fraternity brothers during initiation week.
by doug February 05, 2004
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someone who is not only a nub but a scrub as well
you are a nub... and you suck at life.... therefore you are a scrubnub
by doug May 21, 2004
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process of rinsing out the rectum to make sure that there is no left over shit remaining in the bowel.
squirting water up bum to clean prior to anal sex
by doug December 16, 2003
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When you shave your pubes and blow a load on your girfriend/boyfriends face after getting head and trowing them on the face.
Doug gave Austin an Abe Lincoln
by Doug December 01, 2004
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