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Mergen Dergen is used in place of other words that you just can't remember or say at the moment.
by donut August 3, 2004
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Geee..I wish I could be Vrushali Paunikar.
by donut August 27, 2003
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The act of inserting 2 fingers into the vaginal opening, and 2 into the anus. Usually done when the woman is laying down.

Double in the pink and stank.
When the shocker did not make her sing, he gave her the Volcan!
by donut March 6, 2005
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Eating the shit around someones asshole. Also see rimjob as it is similar.
Man, that girl was drunk I got her to Klondike Krunch me.
by donut April 9, 2004
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Similar to arrowblast. Rapid and forceful manipulation of a vaginal or anal cavity. Instead of fingers, an archery arrow is used.
A: Man, you know Rebecca?

B: Yeah.

A: I totally arrowblasted her last night!

B: Sick! (in the hip hop sense)
by donut January 30, 2008
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Ragin hemroidal puss brought on by sex with sheep.
Someone who is very alone and plays too many video games.
by donut August 5, 2004
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