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The name 'Pembo' is given to people that have zero to no brain cells and chat shit all day long. People named Pembo are mostly albino and can't pass a single GCSE. They tend to get bullied on discord servers and get their houses on minecraft griefed. Once they get to the point where they can't handle it anymore they begin to show emotion by excessively crying at night time and watching gay porn as a form of regaining their lost confidence.
Wait, your name is Pembo? HAH.........
by doctorgoose February 29, 2020

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The noun ‘Richmond’ is usually bestowed upon males that are considered to be prodigies in their generation, Richmond’s typically excel in video games and sports, as well as getting women. Not much is known other than the fact they are unique. If you do encounter a Richmond prepare for the best encounter of your life.
Your name is Richmond? Wow, Lucky!
by doctorgoose June 01, 2020

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The noun 'Ken' is given to people that lactate exceptionally well through their nipples despite being a male. They

typically have the stiffest nipples, thus making it difficult to talk to them as they are so stiff they could seriously injury a persons eye. Ken's tend to 'need' people to accompany them since they can't do anything by themselves, for example, watching anime and going to kensi. Some might argue that he's just a pussy. Despite this fatal flaw, they can be good listeners too. Ken is short tempered and has a considerably lower IQ than a monkey. Before arguing with a Ken be prepared to lose a couple of brain cells as they are so brain dead.
Ken? Huh, what a degenerate. Nice nips mate x
by doctorgoose June 02, 2020

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