5 definitions by dmpawley

1> To be full of crap.

2> To reach the fullest extent of inane subject matter.

3> To fill something with useless objects.
I think that message thread has reached its crapacity. I was moving my apartment and had to take several trips because my car reached its crapacity quickly. I've reached my crapacity in collecting trolls.
by dmpawley March 26, 2003
1. A combination of Smitten and Smut.

2. Smitten in a very lustful, smutty way.
John is so smutten with Amy. He wants to play with her breasts like a kitten plays with a ball of yarn.
by dmpawley February 9, 2005
Seeing an item for sale on woot! that you saw previously.
This DVD player was just on woot! last week. It's deja woot! all over again.
by dmpawley November 19, 2005
A person of the opposite sex who is not attractive, but you would have sex with.
She's a moped: She'd be fun to ride, but I wouldn't want any of my friends seeing me on her.
by dmpawley March 26, 2003
The day your woot! bag of crap arrives via FedEx.
I'm so excited! FedEx tracking says my bag of crap is coming today! It's beginning to feel a lot like wootmas!
by dmpawley October 25, 2006