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Shorthand for romantic comedy.
1. The Proposal was a ridiculous rom-com.

2. Rom-coms have some of the most preposterous premises of all movies.
by distraction_camp July 20, 2009

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1. The term used in describing a person having an attractive face but an unattractive body.

2. The opposite of a "butterface"
Man 1: "Damn, that girl looks good!"

Man 2: " Oh yeah; just wait until you see the rest of her, she's a real antibody."
by distraction_camp February 18, 2009

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1. An expression used when a friend, enemy, or otherwise annoying person is complaining about something terribly unimportant, asinine, or infantile.

2. A phrase used in place of the popular expression "Burn!" made famous by That 70's Show. (Used mostly when the burnee can't take a joke and they're visibly upset. Much more enjoyable to say if they're offended. This saying is often situational.)

3. An expression used anytime you yourself outdoes someone else- i.e., video games, sports, living, etc.
Them: "Fuck! Fuck! I broke my shoelace! and to top it off, man, I got mud on my pants!! (continues complaining)

You: "And you think I care?" "If you want sympathy tell your mom!"


Them: "Dude, I just totally balled that guy on the court."

You: I always knew you liked dudes,

Them: Fuck you, man! I'm not gay!

You: Tell your mom!


You: "Oh my God, did you just see that!?" "Tell your mom!"
by distraction_camp July 20, 2009

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One who e-shops but only adds the item to their wish list instead of their shopping cart.

This is done more often when alone and poor.

Similar to window shopping.

Other usages of the term include Wish Lister, Wish Listing, and Wish List Shopper.
Betty: Hey Sally, we're going out tonight wanna come?

Sally: Sounds like fun but I'm broke so I'm just gonna stay home and do some wish list shopping
by distraction_camp October 09, 2009

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1) All systems go!
2) A term used to describe being informed, activated, or available.

I'm so online for the party tonight.
by distraction_camp December 09, 2008

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