5 definitions by dinoroki

A shortened word of the phrase "Among us". This references a meme that is someone looking into a glass dome and saying "amogus" at a creature that looks similar to an among us character.
Person 1: Hey have you heard of the "amogus" thing
Person 2: AMOGUS
Person 1: AMOGUS
by dinoroki March 9, 2021
Person 1: A bully just gave me a gift, it's a bit weird but it seems cool
Person 2: Don't open it dude, it's Cat Pizza.
by dinoroki March 9, 2023
A Todoroki Dinosaur on tiktok. The words are combined, "Dino"saur, and Todo"roki"
Person 1: have you heard of dinoroki?
Person 2: no
Person 1: you should check them out. they're pretty cool
Person 2: ok
by dinoroki May 10, 2021
Advertiser: This flask can hold 2 shots full of liquid gold!
Person: Oh, is that what they're calling alcohol nowadays?
by dinoroki April 18, 2022
The hero name of Izuku Midoriya. Deku is a Cinnamon Roll from the anime My Hero Academia. Deku is usually called "Broccoli Boi" from fans. Bakugo hates Deku.
Weeb 1: Omg Deku is such a cinnamon roll!
Weeb 2: I know right!
by dinoroki June 30, 2020