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The sudden and very appreciated exit of a large group of annoying, loud and obnoxious douchebags from a bar/lounge scene. This particular phenomenon occurs mostly in Hoboken, New Jersey during important sporting events. It can also be seen near Houston street, NYC when a lounge or club becomes too cultural or ethnic for the dbags' taste. An exodouche immediately follows.
I was chilling in my favorite spot fingerbanging my girl under the table when the yells of ten guys at the bar area assaulted my ears. I couldn't tell any of them apart, and they all had on long-sleeved striped shirts. I expected a frat anthem at any moment. Reluctantly I removed my hand, walked up to the bar and told the stupidest looking one that I suck dick for money. The group fled the scene in a massive exodouche.
by denalipark August 23, 2009
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To suddenly thrust inside an orifice as the first hot load explodes out of the penis. Multi-jizzshank is to thrust inside multiple orifices as each ejaculatory explosion occurs.
Last night, after pounding that hot bitch for an hour, I jizzshanked her in her ass as I was cumming. It resulted in the hottest creampie I've ever seen.
by denalipark August 21, 2009
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Pronounced "cham-pen-dion." An official participant of a drinking bender (which lasts seven or more consecutive days) that consumes alcohol on every day and participates in all activities sober or drunk. A champbendion, despite the possibility of deteriorating health, permajitters, bendeebreakdown and benderrage will committ him/herself to the last day of a bender celebration.

A platinum champbendion is one who does the aforementioned bender while maintaining a full-time work schedule. Note: **Hazardous to health**
After seven days of non-stop imbibing, documenting, editing, singing, game-playing, movie-watching, food-coma inducing hilarity, Kohbra, La Sombra and Bangkok Joe were crowned champbendions. As president, La Sombra saluted Kohbra as a platinum champbendion for having worked throughout the bender.
by denalipark September 01, 2009
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To suddenly throw up in the middle of drinking festivities and once again taste that delicious bucket of gourmet "moules provencale" you had an hour earlier.
Minutes after downing a creamy and explosive yaeger bomb, it dawned on Bangkok Joe that his body was unhappy. Stumbling out of the raucous Irish Pub he retasted all the earlier mussels he had gleefully consumed hours earlier. His worried friend followed him with a bucket of water and washed away the retasting episode from the sidewalk.
by denalipark September 01, 2009
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