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The sudden and very appreciated exit of a large group of annoying, loud and obnoxious douchebags from a bar/lounge scene. This particular phenomenon occurs mostly in Hoboken, New Jersey during important sporting events. It can also be seen near Houston street, NYC when a lounge or club becomes too cultural or ethnic for the dbags' taste. An exodouche immediately follows.
I was chilling in my favorite spot fingerbanging my girl under the table when the yells of ten guys at the bar area assaulted my ears. I couldn't tell any of them apart, and they all had on long-sleeved striped shirts. I expected a frat anthem at any moment. Reluctantly I removed my hand, walked up to the bar and told the stupidest looking one that I suck dick for money. The group fled the scene in a massive exodouche.
by denalipark August 23, 2009
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