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harmfull tobacco rolled in paper with a useless filter at the end. chock full of nicotine and other shit that will lung rape you in the future. proven marijuana is less hurtful then cancer-sticks COUGHcigarettesCOUGH COUGH omigawd i need a fix because i'm a spineless pussy and i'm spending $60 a week on cigarettes. those of you who quit bless your souls, those of you who quit for 2 days and get back on it, and do this repeatedly...grow a back bone if i can stop smoking cigarettes you can to.
-for fucks sake put that cancer-stick out
-shuddap you people the reason i smoke cigarettes
-no it's because your weak ass fucking gave into peer pressure like a BITCH!!!
by deejaysjoosijays April 16, 2007

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maryjane is the best smokable eatable herb eva!! go to any ghetto or citie and look for a dealer around a corner somewhere, give him alot of money, and get aloooot of weed to smoke. get some rolling papers to make a joint, or a dutch or a philly to roll a blunt, a blunt is a cigar with weed in it instead of tobacco, same thing with a joint, a joint in made with rolling papers and resembles a cigarette without a filter, but fuck cigarettes were talkin 'bout sweet ol' maryjane. if your to young like me for example 15 years old, get a friend or a kool family member to use your money to buy the papers or cigars. if you dont wanna smoke the joints, blunts use a pipe or a bong. bong's make every kind of weed awsome, pipes are alright you can make a pipe out of a apple, can, orange, a pen with alunium foil and i know theres more. if you dont like smoking at all because of the health risks, eating it will fuck yuh up to...maybe even better if it's good gooood weed, you just need more of it. you can make space cake, brownies, butter, shit put it in your oatmeal in the morning. takes 2 hours to work but when it does...good gracious gawd damn it's bomb as hell!! have fun with maryjane and treat her right or i'll nip you in the ass!
<zzzzzzzzzzii~~~ oh yea sweet maryjane
by deejaysjoosijays April 16, 2007

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ignorance isn't all about what black people say, fuck what the black people say and worry about it yourself, ignorance is not know something, and shows no attempt to know it...has nothing to do with blacks.
-all black people say ignorant!
-...that's a fucking ignorant statement right there
by deejaysjoosijays April 16, 2007

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one of the best rappers that has ever breathed this earchs oxygen or stepped on gods green grass. one of the few people who rap other then killing, drugs, sex, and actually made it sound heavenly. he rapped about what people can relate to, like having no shirt to put on your back, or you have to steal to get your food. people say he's dead but if you do a little research you'll find out he's alive, and living in philly. people say he faked his death in 1996 when the hospital announced him death from being shot while riding in a car with shug knight, owner of death row records. also some people think he's dead, i have no opinion but most people think he's dead so i'll go with that.
the world will miss you 2pac amaru shakur
by deejaysjoosijays April 24, 2007

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east coast state i'm from, best damn accent we dont FOR FUCKS SAKE SAY JOISIE CUT THAT SHIT OUT YOU MAKE ME WANNA HURT YOU. we love hockey and soccer, i like hockey better but the Devils have gotten worse since scott stevens left. we eat alot of subs, go to the four seasons and if you say soda pop people will look at you like yuh a retard...it's only soda so many people from pittsburg have annoyed me with that. alot of ghetto's, i grew up in an apartment in a bad part of asbury park, but theres alot of nice nighborhoods. i think jughandles (a road curve) only exist in jersey. nobody says new jersey, only people in new jersey say new jersey, everywhere else calls it jersey, it's odd. you can thank new jersey for jersey mikes subs reseraunt. diners overcame fastfood, mostly ran by mexicans and greeks. alot of italians. if your a tourist DONT GO TO NEWERK! unless your new yorker then in dont care what happens to you...i dont particulary care for new yorkers, they come here, act like ASSHOLES, and use our fucking shore...those bitches. theres more i can't think of at the moment, except it costs alot of money to live there and we dont pump our gas, we get mexicans to do it for us. and were not all dicks...just the majority
-where are you from
-new jersey
-so your from joisie
-i will kill you...
by deejaysjoosijays April 16, 2007

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