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Highly politicized issues that the American political Right have very strong feelings towards.

This term may possibly have been coined by The Daily Show host, Jon Stewart in an interview on Fox with Christopher Wallace (6/19/2011)

He claimed that the first couple of GOP Presidential debates for the 2012 election cycle were filled with "red meat"
The first 2011 Presidential debate in South Carolina was filled with questions about abortion, gay marriage, typical red meat.
by decentralism June 22, 2011

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Abbreviation for "I love you forever"

The word 'ilyf', is the shortened version of 'I love you forever', and is often used in texts, instant messengers, and in comment boxes on personal webpages.
K: i love you
C: ilyf
by Decentralism December 24, 2011

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Too Busy; Didn't Watch.

When a person posts a video on a forum or comment thread and one of the thread participants is too busy to watch the video. Many times a poster will post the Too Busy; Didn't Watch and then give a short summary of what the video shows.
"You are completely ignoring a perfect example of what I'm saying. Here is a video that shows it: insert video url

TB;DW: Health care in the United States is a heavily regulated industry.
by decentralism June 24, 2011

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1. Those who live on a seastead, or who desire to live on a seastead
The seasteaders are making plans to create artificial islands on the ocean.
by decentralism May 01, 2011

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I love going UL on homework assignments. Really makes school interesting and not boring as shit
by decentralism November 08, 2011

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1. A floating artificial structure designed to accommodate permanent residents on the ocean
Seasteads need to be seaworthy.
by decentralism May 01, 2011

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To leave a land-based nation and move to an artificial land mass on the ocean
They wish to seastead the Caribbean.
by decentralism May 01, 2011

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