Something 90% of Americans never get
European: I broke my leg. Ambulance took me to the hospital and I got my leg fixed. I also received physiotherapy and I didn't pay a dime thanks to the public insurance (public health care).
American: *confused confusing confusion*
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Something unfortunate Americans think about as a privilege for the wealthy.
Look at me! I'm an unemployed European, and still the local hospital removed my brain tumour, thanks to Public Health Care! Now I get to live another day to find myself a job!

Socialism for the win.
by Discobutton February 13, 2010
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mythical beast often associated with the care of humans. Often appears only to those who already have the necessary means to adequately take care of or pay for things.
It must be nice to afford good Health Care...
by CookiePie7 February 4, 2010
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1. An angry, sometimes violent, demonstration against health care reform at the local level.

2. A mob that turns out at a Congressional "Town Hall" meeting to oppose the President Obama's health care reform initiative. Many such mobs are organized in advance by conservative lobbying groups supported by the pharmaceutical and insurance industries.

3. A loud, boisterous act of political opposition designed to overwhelm the conversation about health care reform by using shouting and physical intimidation.
John actually supports health care reform, but he wasn't able to speak because the Town Hall Meeting turned into a Health Care Riot.
by Peter Kobs August 7, 2009
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Man, I've heard of adequate health care. It'd be so cool if it was real!
by The Kid Queen September 22, 2009
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