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a wussy scenester who metaphorically emasculates himself in terms of fashion. Think pink t-shirts, highlights, mullets, coloured charity wristbands (though those seem unfashionable now), very white trainers, distressed jeans and that narcicisstic snow patrol song that whinges on about "if i lay here". Expect the same guys to be very ashamed in a few years' time and readily embrace a pretentious masculine fad that will no doubt erupt in frustration at this current, nauseatingly effiminate trend.
metrosexuals seem to think that females are attracted to femininity... in men
by davetwocombs April 30, 2007

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1. A Starbucks sweet consisting of 3 chocolate-coated marshmallows on the end of a stick.

2. A piece of poo suspended on the end of a stick, resembling said delicacy.
When I was a wee boy I remember other kids picking up twizzles for bravado.
by DaveTwoCombs October 16, 2007

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dude relax, chillout; chillax
aw man do i have to write an example? i'd rather chillax
by davetwocombs April 30, 2007

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You know that guy that works at starbucks has a carefully constructed 'i don't care' hair cut, seems perpetually disenchanted with society, politics, his work, everything everyone else does, over estimates his own intelligence and feels cheated in life, acts like he's broke, but gets hand outs from his well-off parents, studies a useless subject at university, and models himself on Seth from the OC? Yeah, total hipster.
Hipsters tend to pride themselves on obsure popular culture references and go to great lengths to formulate a pretentious scruffy look which actually requires great care.
by davetwocombs May 01, 2007

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