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The land of kings and gods called the smoggies fed by the dish of made up of every amazing people and things that has ever lived. Not to be linked or associated with the Geordies or the Mackems. Weekly meeting are held at the "Riverside stadium" held by the leader of all religions and governing bodys Tony Mowbray. The meetings consist of watching the Boro win against every shit team in the league.
Sad geordie "I can't live in this shithole anymore I wish I lived in TEESSIDE"

Sad Mackem "Shame they have class in TEESSIDE so we arn't allowed"
by Borolad345 June 06, 2012
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The armpit of England. Teesside is an area in the North East of the country, the only notable things about the area are the high teen pregnancy and unemployment rates. Southern people could be forgiven for assuming they had accidentally wondered into soviet Russia upon arrival, as it is a bleak, bleak place.
Teessider #1: I can't wait to leave Teesside when I'm 18!

Teessider #2: Me neither!
by SponsorachildfromTeesside June 20, 2011
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