buhz-erd n. originates in Elgin, IL.

a contemptible white trash plastic Graphix bong smoker. Duplex or trailer dweller. A person with feathered hair, tight stone washed jeans with oil stained white T's. Some still carry combs in their back pockets and most are known to indulge in Marlboro Reds.

Can be seen with a buddy leaning over muscle car engines with a 30 pack of Old Style either after work as the sun goes down or on sweltering weekend afternoons.

Do not attempt to battle a buzzard because there is always another one lurking behind a dumpster waiting for a cheap shot. Buzzards are known to carry knives, chains and/or brass-knuckles.

Lack of teeth is fairly common in a buzzard due to meth-amphetamine use or due to perpetual knuckle-sandwiches.

The only thing more dangerous than a buzzard is the pregnant wife of a buzzard. When a woman is of buzzard her behavior is unpredictable and erratic.

The only things that can be used to calm a buzzard are: low-grade marijuana, Penthouse backorders from the 80's, Boones Farm wine and the lulling tunes of Sammy Hagar.

"That buzzard stole my carburetor."

"That buzzard suckerpunched me outside Danny's pizza."

"You're turning into a fucking chainsmoking buzzard!"

"You're moving to South Elgin? Are you trying to get in tune with buzzard culture?"
by Scott R. Heimberg September 29, 2006
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When a person is either very lame or wack.
by 1030BSM July 9, 2012
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A person who hangs out and smokes all your weed
Hey go get your own weed you dame buzzard
by mymeatflute January 1, 2009
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Something you say when someone is telling a lie
“You so buzzard he ain’t still that pencil
by Renee705 January 6, 2020
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A lady of ample proportions who likes to carry out predatory fetishes on willing victims
Look at Buzzard over there, she's squatting over Dowser ready to tak a dump on his chest and then slash it off, I hope the table can take their sick game
by davethejag October 1, 2009
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Loose term that refers to Girls, Bitches, Biddies, Sluts
I was nailing this buzzard and she was insane in the sack.
by Wallacelew October 7, 2014
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Older homosexual inmates, "usually doing life or a lot of years", who prey upon new younger inmates for gay sexual pleasure. The buzzards hover when new inmates arrive to see if there are any weak among the flock. Once they find a victim a sink their talons in, the inmate will go from being named "Brent to Brenda".
Watch out for those buzzards when you get to the penitentiary.

Those buzzards were lined up on the fence waiting and watching the new arrivals arrive.
by Slapulupa August 26, 2019
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