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When you pack/stack the cone of your bong. You cannot use this word if you have a home made bong, it doesn't work like that.
Usually a fat bowl occurs when you get home from work or more commonly when you return from school, escape the girlfriend/parents.
Whats the time man?
Bitch-sticks I can't wait to get home and smoke a big fat bowl.
I hear that.

Where's Gemma
Gave the slip, she's doin' my fucking head in
Well I got a fat bowl for you homes!
Shit yeah!

Every night when George got home Martha would have a fat bowl waiting for him, soon as he walked in the door.
(inaccurate film reference from dazed and confused"

by dat-ting June 13, 2007
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when the jug is full of jugerlish jug milk.
The milk is Supplied from the very finest jugs......the creamy milk!
Dude I got straight jugmax out dat ho!
Made me want to perform the Jackson Pollock over her anal side!
by dat-ting June 11, 2007
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A hate fuck is in fact when you fuck a fine chick that angers you, like Fergie out dem black eyed peas. A hate fuck is never putting your willy in a fat bitch because she said something bad to you, they still must be attractive!
You fuck them to get simultaneous pleasure and revenge!
A. My God she is fine but she does some stupid shit!
B. Well, it's simple dude - hate fuck that Ho!
A. Good idea, I get pleasure and revenge from all that stupid shit she says!

C. Fergie, Brittany, Christina...erm Jen at work, they do my fucking head in! Given the chance I'd hate fuck them all, preferably at the same time.
D. Take a picture for me if you do!
by dat-ting June 21, 2010
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This phrase can mean a lot, perhaps to much. In some circumstances it can be the same as 'have it' but of course 'having it' is somewhat in the present tense.

So perhaps think of 'having it' as a outburst response to having extreme fun, mostly summoned for circumstances of a sexual, drug consuming, party time!
Fucking sweet to the eye balls buddy, I'm having a great time in fact you could say I'm fucking 'Having It' !

I guess I should get my ass in gear, strike up a fattyboombatty and start fucking 'having it'

Shitballs! I heard you had a proper session last night with the local hooksta!
lol, yeah she was fucking having it.
by dat-ting June 13, 2007
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When you get 'stoned' on the 'green' usually after 'hot boxing' or striking up a 'fattyboombatty'. If you obtain the correct measurement of THC you may end up with Thom Yorke eye, i.e slightly squint.
Dude, you got Thom Yorke eye, seriously you can't go out looking like that!

Shit it got work in 30mins, look at this Thom Yorke eye....they're going to know, they're GOING TO KNOW!
"Sensi weed, guaranteed to make your eye bleed!"

"No thanks I only wanted a little Thom Yorke eye"
by dat-ting June 13, 2007
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