6 definitions by dark korner

Tuesday. If Wednesday is hump day, surely, Tuesday is foreplay day...
Kat-i have to say that you sexting me during this godawful meeting is making me wet!
Kent-perfect, I figured since I was coming over to spend the night on hump day tomorrow, I'd make this foreplay day...
by dark korner October 11, 2016
after turning off the water supply to toilet and flushing all water out of toilet....do your business. thus, turd dry dock. useful for occasions where you want to piss somebody off or just gross them out.
joel- hey mike, did you go to your boss' christmas party?

mike- yeah, that bastard gave me a no-motion so i did a turd dry dock right before i left his house party!

joel- did you do the thing where you unroll the toilet paper without tearing it off and wipe your ass and then roll it back up for the next asshole?

mike- of course!
by dark korner January 13, 2010
a disgustingly vile way to piss off or gross out someone you really don't care for. after performing the turd dry dock unroll the toilet paper without tearing it off, wipe your ass, and then roll it back up. it leaves the white and brown swirled appearance of the delicious swiss cake roll!
mike- hey ken, did you leave the work party early?
ken- had too...that guy everyone hates was being a douche bag, AGAIN! so, i wanted to get in his brand new head before the urine creep got severe and leave a turd dry dock with a swiss cake roll for dessert.
mike-man, you are DARK! but, i love it!
ken-see ya in the lab.
by dark korner September 25, 2016
the spot on the restroom floor in front of the toilet or urinal that grows from urine dribble and keeps getting bigger as a result of nobody wanting to stand on the urine and getting farther and farther away from the toilet, thus making the urine creep outward from the initial dribble
clay- did you find the restroom?
kent- yeah, but the urine creep was so bad i had to piss from the doorway!
by dark korner December 25, 2009
the degree to which fucking is possible or likely to take place
kat-come over next weekend because my schedule has more flucksability as my roommate will be out of town.
kent-perfect! that makes up for getting shut out at the picnic...
by dark korner September 25, 2016
The act of murdering your opponent in a word duel or game such as words with friends, scrabble, or boggle.
Kent-i challenge you to a game of words with friends
Kat-ok, but you should know I'm gonna alphabecide you and they'll never find the body!
Kent-why you always talking shit when you know my vocab be legit?!
by dark korner October 3, 2016