13 definition by darcy mcgee

Slang for specialized side-burns, similar to Rabbis. Also a nickname
Someone: Hey! A.G. is here!
Someone else: Jewboinz!
by darcy mcgee December 08, 2008

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Must be said in a redneck accent

a.k.a. Go home, get the fuck out, go away
A.G.: What do clouds wear under their clothes? Thunder-wear!

Everyone: YOU LAIVE!
by darcy mcgee December 08, 2008

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A faggot who leaks information to someone, or snitches on his friends. Also known as a rat, asshole, coo guy, etc. Faggot + Leak = Feak/ Fique/ Feek
Geter Done: Damn did you see that chick today.... wow, shes amazing.

Bwooklin Bowlah & Vio: Yeah she's nice. RDS... 9.5.


Feak/ Fique/ Feek (to hot girl): Umm, those guys over there said you're hot and they gave you a nickname.

Hot Girl's friend: Hey, Vio and B.B., I know what you call my friend hehe (shaking finger at them)

Vio & B.B.: Fuckin feak....
by darcy mcgee March 01, 2009

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Sarcastic way of saying/ telling someone they are a homo or gay.
AG: (Finishes telling a joke) Hahahaha

Jeezy: Wow, you're not gay, no you're not. Nope. Not gay...



Jeezy: (after hearing him) Not gay.
by darcy mcgee March 01, 2009

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When someone is hardcore, full-out staring, at you or someone else.
Below is staring at me.

(Hot girl walks by)
Jr: o shit....
by darcy mcgee December 21, 2009

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There is only one and there will never be another one: BEL-ALR. He is the defintion of the following words: cool, spesh, retarded, random, and Xbox Live.

He can snap a car in half underwater. He got shot in the face with an Mp5 during an Ironman competition and still finished in 1st place, 23 hours before the second place finisher. His overall record in the UFC is 1-0, but his only victory was against everyone in the building, including the Hulk, Superman, Osama Bin Laden and Alexander Semin. He is the father of Michael Jordan, Jessica Alba, Richard Simmons, Gene Simmons, The Game, and Jesus Christ, before Jesus converted to Judaism (Beloooooo hates the Jewwwwwwwws)
Billy: Daddy, what is God?

Billy's father: Well, son, it's hard to explain. He is the father of Jesus, but he's also BELAlR.

Billy: Daddy, did you say B-E-L-A-L-R? That's dumb.

Billy's father: Yes, son, that's how you spell God. Or dumb fuck. Anyway, I'm gonna go play COD4, tell mommy to STFU about the dishes.
by darcy mcgee January 18, 2009

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