Youth rebellion is considered to be committed by those who lack 'maturity' although it is certainly not so, and is actually a natural response to perceived oppression.
Parent- "You must obey and be a subordinate simply because you happened to have been born later than I have."

Teen- "Your regulations are unjust. Only a fool would abide by them and therefore I refuse to conform to your regulations that are poorly conceived and irrational."

Parent- "WHAT DID YOU SAY?! You're grounded for a month, young lady! How DARE you question my authority over you! You ungrateful rebellious teenager!"

Teen- "You're not grounding me! I am too intelligent to remain in this position. I did not choose to be born, and my life is my own, no matter the circumstances. I will not allow you to impede my enjoyment obtained from life, and therefore I must rebel against you. YOUTH SHALL GAIN EMPOWERMENT!!! RESIST THE OPPRESSION!!!"
by Gothic Satanist March 4, 2007
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