13 definition by dammit janet

Phrase most commonly used to describe that you are cocked, locked, and ready for action.
Dude: Hey, bro, what's going on?

Buddy: Dude, I just slammed my 7th shot of Jack Daniels and it is go time!
by dammit janet October 21, 2004

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Overgrown little girls who let emotion run their lives and are the sole justification for repealing the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution.
Thanks to soccer moms, we got eight years of bill fucking clinton and probably another 10 years of constant threats to our country.
by dammit janet July 03, 2003

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An acronym standing for Radio Detection and Ranging.
I am the RADAR God! There is none higher.
by dammit janet June 13, 2003

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Anything made by Michael Moore; whether or not he meant it to be that way.
Dude: Damn, MM, that was hilarious!

MM: It wasn't a comedy.

Dude: C'mon! It was so full of bullshit that it had to be a comedy.

MM: No! It was all true! Waaahhh!

Dude: Whatever you say, fatass.
by dammit janet September 05, 2003

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1 billion watts. "Giga" follows "Mega".
Whoever wrote the first definition for gigawatt is a dumbass.
by dammit janet June 19, 2003

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1. (n)A person or group of people that are stupid and arrogant enough to believe that they, and they alone, are responsible for "saving lives" when all they are doing is supporting the overpopulation of animals thereby causing them to starve to death (horrible way to die) while at the same time destroying their own bodies because humans are MEAT EATERS.

2. (adj) A word describing any elitest idiot who demands the rest of society follow their destructive eating habits.
Save the ferns, eat a vegatarian.
by dammit janet July 03, 2003

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