10 definitions by dame

dank pot grown indoors with care and has a high concentration of T.H.C.
them nugs are the bomb-diggity
by dame January 22, 2004
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much like a numpty..a useless git...with the added rider that he can't get his pecker up
Don't be such a numpty ..you flobberknob!
by dame January 12, 2004
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not worth it or the time it took to say (often yelled)
in the time it takes to say fuck it you could have walked away
by dame January 22, 2004
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When talking in terms of numbers, it refers to 8-12. Originally, this number came from MMORPGS where fools would gather a "Gaggle" (8-12) of monsters for faster leveling, it soon became commonly used in real life and the work force.

The hierarchy of large numbers goes:
Gaggle (8-12)
Army (12-14)
Mighty Gaggle (15-18)
Fuckton* (18+)

*Fucktons can also be replaced with "OH SHIT" depending on whether or not said Fuckton is threatening.
"Wow, Lee, you have a whole gaggle of large, hairy men calling you!"

"That is a FUCKTON of hot lesbians."

"That is a MIGHTY gaggle of enemies you have dragged on us, thank you for fucking the party!"
by dame November 12, 2006
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One who is both brilliant and insane. Inepdt at making ridiculous examples, and trying to make them all math related. Creator of the Battle Scope, the periscope that shoots water.
Mr. Arnone: Okay, pretend you are ze king of Zaire and I am Archimedes. You have jus' said to me "Hey, make my craaoown." Solve for X."

Mr. Arnone: Caddleen and Royer were travelling at a distance of twelbe keelomeeters per second. Ze Squrruth of theese is one hundred and dirty. So, you have twelb apples and subtract four apples and multiple by three apples and you have one hundred and dirty!!
by dame April 07, 2005
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A strange head gear toy made by Arnone. This amazing toy can act as a periscope that sucks in water and shoots it out. This awesome idea was stolen by some prick company and Arnone got nothing. Bastards.
Arnone: So, yoo squeeeze de, de ..things on ze side and it inhales water and zen you can fiiiiire it at ze enemy! I call eet ze BATTLESCOPE!!
by dame April 08, 2005
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When an individuals stomach protrudes farther than their booty do.
Look at that girl, she's got a bootydo!
by dame March 20, 2005
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