When an individuals stomach protrudes farther than their booty do.
Look at that girl, she's got a bootydo!
by dame March 21, 2005
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It's when a girl's stomach has got more than her booty do!
(eg. nah I'm cool off of that homie, she's got a bootydo!)
by will perry April 22, 2006
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when her stomache stick out more than her booty do
1. girl gone somewhere wit yo bootydo
2. bitch shut da fuck up wit yo bootydo
by Lil' Fire up!! April 18, 2006
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a stomach that pertrudes out farther than your average ass.
when your stomach is rounder and sticks out more than you ass. "a lot in the front and none in the back".
by jess/tat February 25, 2005
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Verb(State of Being): When your breath smells like your booty do.

Noun: Breath that smells like butt-crack.
(You) "Damn, Gina! You got some bootydo goin' on!"
(Gina) "What's that supposed to mean?"
(You) "Your breath smells like yo booty do...Mwah hahah!!!"
by scoutgirl September 11, 2004
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When the stomach sticks out more than the butt.bootydo
Man that women has a bootydo,cause her stomach sticks out more than her bootydo.
by alstyles September 20, 2004
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