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the act of creating a new word on Urban Dictionary based on a recent political topic for the sole purpose of getting it on the front page, because you know it will
Did you see that "shithole" was word of the day twice recently? That's defining Trump if I've ever seen it.
by dabbleinstocks January 24, 2018
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The sense of regret you get after getting a new haircut, either because the barber screwed it up, or because your hair looked better before. Usually overcome in a day.
Jim felt a strong sense of barbershop remorse after realizing that a mohawk probably wasn't the best cut for his job interview later that evening.
by dabbleinstocks December 4, 2016
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That feeling on the morning after an important test when a person starts overanalyzing all of their answers to every question, often leading to the belief that they failed immensely.
"I have a pounding headache..."
"Sucks, man. Want an Advil?"
"I want my SAT prep book because of this test hangover I'm having."
by dabbleinstocks December 4, 2016
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Jack Douglass is a youtube celebrity who goes by the username of jacksfilms, though he prefers to be called John, so call him John whenever you can. Also, he loves light switches and forehead reduction surgeries, so make sure to mention those things to him whenever you can in the comments section of his videos.
me talking to Jack Douglass

Hey John, how's the Kickstarter for the forehead reduction surgery going? I donate five light switches.
by dabbleinstocks January 4, 2016
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