8 definitions by dAnIeLa

-Martin Spira
-The man, the legend
"Spira is my homeboy"
"Where in the world is Martin Spira?"
by dAnIeLa January 26, 2005
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'look dere's dat gash'
'look there is that boy'
by dAnIeLa October 25, 2003
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To have sexual intercourse with. Originated when the phrase "Wouldjya pound her?" slowly turned into "Cha-pound her?"
by dAnIeLa January 26, 2005
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A cracker who things he is black!
Look at that fucken cracker black. Someone needs to kick his ass!
by dAnIeLa June 16, 2006
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a word used by joey that has no real meaning
joey says durp when he doesnt know what to say
by dAnIeLa April 5, 2003
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to add onto a word for no apparent reason
loved: loveded
humped: humpeded
sexed: sexeded
by dAnIeLa March 20, 2003
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