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You carryin' steel?
by d00d June 26, 2003
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One of various webpages dedicated to helping you find webpages related to your query.
google is the best search engine
by d00d June 20, 2003
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"...unless you're Anthony by day and TAP SUM BONG by night!"
by d00d July 15, 2004
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Lolz= laughing out loud e*Z*pk

Sonar666: wtf i was typing
1337d00d: lolz nub y u rUn??
1337d00d: zz
by d00d April 27, 2004
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Korean for "hahaha."
"It is how the Koreans laugh while playing StarCraft, before collapsing into a coma for playing 85 hours straight. ^__^"

genmay FAQ
by d00d March 1, 2005
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t3h h@><0r
Kess hacked 404!
by d00d September 1, 2003
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Internet-chat abbreviation for "not too much"
by d00d June 11, 2003
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