22 definitions by d00d

Used like "have got to do"
i gotsta go
by d00d June 20, 2003
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ancient game of go www.usgo.com
im gonna play some go
by d00d May 20, 2003
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Slang for "Gay Oh El," which AOL happens to be.
d00d, j00 r still on teh gol? get a real isp.
by d00d March 2, 2005
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"i see only a few Gomers have bothered to turn up for today's crapwagon 'race'"
by d00d July 15, 2004
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Girl who sleeps with hockey players. Frequently heard on northern college campuses.
Damn, ain't nothin' but pucksluts up in this bitch. I'mma be wordcouch bombing/word tonight.
by d00d June 11, 2003
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To be a master brown noser; An expert at ass kissing; To have an enormous nose
That dude is t3h n0s3 m4st4!!!!111
by d00d April 27, 2004
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