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I gotta go take a shit.Can I borrow some flag (any flag) to wipe on?

doesn't matter what country's flag,I just need a flag...the UN or Mexico would suffice nicely.
by cynic April 07, 2005

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somebody (of any race) who wears a skully, jersey, fronts, or a chain. fools who are into krunk ass music and gettin paper.

dudes that act way too cool for you.
"damn that dude is one cooey motherfucker."

"hey take this 4xl white tee, you're cooey, you'd like it"
by cynic November 29, 2004

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Anglicised rendition of Graecia, a toponymic of the southern end of the Balcan peninsula. This was used as a collective name for the city states that thrived in and around the aforementioned peninsula. These city states shared a common language, a common religion and arguably a common origin, which led later researchers to clump them together under the aforementioned name. Greece only became a single nation under the rule of King Alexander the Great and his successors, and it finally succumbed to Rome.
This name is currently used for a small, somewhat pretentious nation that occupies the southern end of the Balcan peninsula, whose citizens claim to be the heirs of the ancient greek civilization and display a certain continuum of language and traditions with the ancient civilization.
The capital of Greece is Athens.
by Cynic May 26, 2004

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The creator of CTRL+ALT+DEL comics and one of the few "internet celebrities" who's not an asshole. Highly talented but should make more comics about games rather than Ethan
The bastard makes CTRL+ALT+DEL for a living, lucky bastard
by Cynic January 18, 2005

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