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A lady (often quite large,) that prefers the (very) close company of other ladies, known as femmes. Regularly seen wearing a lumberjack shirt, boots and dungarees/bib & braces overalls.

Origin: Due to the normal extreme mass of these 'ladies,' it has often been assumed that locomotion could only be facilitated with the assistance of a powerful Diesel engine.

See also Clamjouster, Mingeeta, Plaid-clad Whale and Rugmuncher
Said at the A&E Dept, "I hope you've learnt from that young man, never get between that Diesel and her Femme !"
by Cutaway August 09, 2004

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A common term used to describe the current Minister of Defence, Geoff Hoon.

This TLA is also used in polite company for the user to avoid saying "That Cunt Hoon"
"You're lying like TCH !"


"You piece of shit ! You've less morals than TCH !"

(Obviously this last example is a case of exaggeration, it is an impossibility for anyone to possess less morals than TCH)
by Cutaway August 22, 2004

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The collective noun for a group of yummies.

See also yummy.
You sould have been in there, wall-to-wall Yummies !

At least three moists !
by Cutaway May 23, 2005

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